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What Does Food Means to You?

Posted by Emir Lopez U. on

We wanted to start our blog with a question that might be at the centre of the interest our followers express in every interaction we have with them. How food, more and more has become personal, “very”, personal. 

It makes sense. It's probably among the most identity-defining aspect of everyday life we could have. Food is a choice that carries with it a statement of what we think is good and right to be an integral part of us — literally!

It can come in a variety of forms: a combination of flavours, local ingredients, family recipes, food memories, or stories around the produce we buy to eat. All of that is “Food”, one way or the other. Some of those choices make us stronger, some unfortunately not. Little by little, meal after meal…

Food could be just a fad as well. Diets, advertising, pre-packaged meals, fast food; Anything you can have so to make that everyday choice easy — because there is little time — let alone to be thinking about, “Food”. This is where many of us got disconnected from what we eat. Have we been cheated in a trade off between time and proper meal nourishment? Where the first won the battle of how modern urban life should be?

Maybe. But, food is coming back, (Yes!) because it just makes sense, or because it's the natural thing. We longed for more food that has a unique individual identity that is clearly attached to us. Either since you cook it like a Chef out of mass-market retail ingredients, or as a result of eating your ‘grown at home produce’ very simple dinner. Every meal that has your personal seal is better! — Even if the only personal part is to know the story behind the farmer of your carrots.

So, we are insatiably looking for more and more connections to food while trying to still find a balance with time, practicality and speed of daily city life — for some, also looking for ways to redefine it.

Here at FluidGrowers, we will not try to make you recite a gospel about it, neither run contests to see who is the ‘”foodiest”, nor to lecture on what it should mean to you. We want to help you find ways to express a new connection, and inclination, and identity that recognise the importance you give to food. 

…A little parsley grown at home for your pizza, …that wheatgrass smoothie in the morning… some mint for my afternoon tea…knowing and seeing organic produce developing in front of you…

You got this far. So, how can we help you connect back to Food?

It’s easy, natural and fun. Start growing a part of your next meal. Today!

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