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Help Kids Learn Where their Food Comes From with AquaFarm

Posted by FluidGrowers on

With the way food is produced and sold at fast food restaurants and grocery store, many kids don’t see where it comes from. They don’t have a connection to the source. Many groups and individuals are working to bring to the public light the disconnect between the food industry and our kids lack of understanding of where food comes from. The Aquafarm was designed by our friends Nikhil and Alex with the intent of helping kids learn while growing food at any space available.

No matter where you live or how busy your lifestyle is, one way you can offer a valuable education to kids about where food comes from while giving them a hand in growing the food they can enjoy in your classroom or at home. The AquaFarm, by Back to the Roots adapted to Australia & New Zealand by FluidGrowers, turns having a classroom pet into a lesson in Aquaponics and an opportunity to grow an indoor herb garden that can be consumed in all kind of meals. The process that happens within the fishtank and garden is a perfect example of a natural ecosystem. This is a multifold lesson that can last the kids for years beyond their schooling.

AquaFarm provides the visual and allows kids to have a hands-on experience of keeping a classroom pet or a pet at home and of growing a garden without having to find a plot of ground. As a teacher or parent, you can then have the kids help you create a meal using the herbs or rocket from the herb garden.

It's easy, natural, and fun. Grow food with your kids at Home! 

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